Unfortunately, due to the UK Lockdown, all Art Workshops have been suspended until further notice.

Are you a budding artist or maybe you have a love for painting?

Meet the artist behind the art! Julia Harris is a Welsh artist and illustrator who grew up in Pontardawe, with a love for crafting watercolour, acrylic, oils and pastels.

Join me for the opportunity to learn more about watercolours and my techniques. My workshops are suitable for the all abilities, ranging-from absolute beginners to those looking for self-improvement or even if you just enjoy painting. 

I was asked by many people for years if I do art classes, so last year I took the Bull by the horns and went for it. I find it a very satisfying teaching people a new skill and how they can express themselves in paint, find release from tension and stress by immersing themselves in art, loosing themselves for hours enjoying the freedom to play. That’s what I call my classes, adult play as we lose it as we get older, we become to inhibited and our expectations of ourselves are too high.


When you come to my art workshop you get a pleasant surprise, enjoyment and new friends. Some people are terrified of putting pencil to paper to make their first mark but soon relax when they realise, they are not the only ones in that position, we have all been there.


Even today I sometimes stand in front of a blank canvas and think now what! So that’s when I use colour techniques to relax one’s mind, then let it flow, I call it colour magic.

I supply all materials, as the basic materials are so important when you are learning a new skill. Most people without experience would buy student quality paper and paints from a discount shop, only to be disappointed with the results.


By attending my group they can experience the quality of products they need to purchase if they want to pursue art as a past time and if they find they decided art was not for them, they are not left with costly materials that would not be used again.

This year I have selected one venue, Craig-Y-Nos Country Park as I feel this location is perfect to capture the moods and flows of the seasons. Lunch options are either to bring your own picnic/drinks or alternatively food/beverages are readily available from the on-site tea-room.

At the end of the day, when we are packing up, the pleasure I get from the seeing my students work from tentative beginnings to a finished drawing is beyond words, the fact that they return for another month is testimony itself.  The people who come to me are the type of people who enjoy and want to share their art and their experiences. I love to see them blossom and grow as an artist.

Please feel free to contact me for more information!